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Halloween Costume of a woman dressed up as a cat in a black top black gloves golden cat mask and cat fur earband
Halloween Costume

Halloween dress-up is needed not only for your house but for everyone invited to the creepy Halloween party. Nowadays with so many Halloween warehouses and online stores offering party costumes for ghouls of all ages - Halloween costumes for kids, couples Halloween costumes, even baby and toddler Halloween costumes.

But you can also make some simple handmade Halloween costumes for your whole family using this seasonal holiday as a great inspiration for your next Halloween craft idea.

For example you can create Outer Space Costumes for the whole family; they are so simple that even little kids can make them themselves.

You will need some corrugated cardboard, paint, dark clothing. Draw the shapes of Saturn, a comet or a half-moon on corrugated cardboard cutting a circle in the centre the size of child's face; cut out your space shapes with a utility knife. Prime and paint cardboard with yellow, white and silver acrylic paint. Add dot stickers and glitter. Punch holes on either side of the shapes just above child's ears; tie on elastic, adjusting to fit (just as you do when making carnival masks). So, dress-up dark clothing, put on your Halloween masks, and here you ready to go into the spooky outer Halloween space.

I think that the best Halloween costumes come not from a store. You should not be extremely handy to make fabulous suits and frocks using bread bags, cupcake liners, and other basic items for your local supermarket or hardware store. Each of these outfits starts with leggings and a skivvy (which don't even have to match). For the accessories you can choose head bands, eye masks, chest letters, capes, lightning bolts, and belts.

For a woman Halloween costume, that is very easy to make yourself, you can opt for a Cat Halloween Costume. You will need black, brown, tan leggings, and long-sleeves t-shirt, craft fur in colour coordinating with the colour of the main outfit, plastic headband and a cat mask, a pair of gloves in colour matching t-shirt. Cut triangles of fur for ears and attach them to the headband using craft glue. Make cuffs and neck collar from craft fur. Cut a long tail from fur and sew it closed, stich tail to back of pants.

For a funny Halloween Costume you may create a Bubble Bath Halloween Costume. Wear pink, blue or white clothes, with small pink, blue or white balloons attached. Wear a matching bath cap, also with balloons attached. Hang some soap on a rope, using it as a belt and carry a back scrubber, a rubber ducky.

No matter which party costume you will choose for the Halloween party, just remember that you can make really unforgettable statement with your clothes, and your costume can tell a story to everyone invited, so choose wisely.

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