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Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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Easy dinner recipes, boosting healthy kids breakfast recipes, ideas for easy healthy lunchboxes and quick and healthy kids snacks, as well as easy budget dinner recipes, and some easy kids party recipes including kids birthday party cakes and kids party desserts, party appetizers, kids party drinks, simple desserts recipes, you name it, all you can find at

I started this site to share with you my healthy kid’s recipes as well as healthy and yummy recipes for mums and dads, for the whole family. All my healthy recipes I tested and retested hundreds of times while feeding my fussy little eaters as well as cooking for the gatherings of family friends and relatives.

There will be one chapter that will feature a lot of mouthwatering recipes that you can try to make together with your kids as well as some simple healthy kids recipes the kids can try to make themselves.

I have always believed that good and healthy eating habits have to begin at home. I do believe that parents must teach their children about the importance of healthy eating through example: we are taking this crucial decision what to buy in the supermarket, what to put in the kid’s lunchbox and what to serve at the family dinner. We are what we eat.

Being a mum of two gorgeous girls, one goes to a childcare and another just started big school; I am trying my hardest to get my kids into healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

As I am trying to be a role model for my girls when it comes to cooking I am doing my best inspiring and nourishing my kids.

I do hope that my healthy recipes, tips and nutrition facts will help you in creating a healthy fist for your whole family!

Pancakes with Apples Looking for a simple pancake recipe - here is one. What can be better for breakfast than the fluffiest pancakes. In this pancakes recipe I used yogurt and apples - yummiest breakfast everyone will like to have.

Pancakes with sliced strawberries and maple syrup on white plate Simple pancakes recipe what can be better for breakfast! This recipe is super easy and always gives you the best results - fluffy pancakes everyone will like to eat.

Chocolate and Cherries Brownies Simple Chocolate and Cherries Brownies Recipe - easy to cook and irresistibly good. This chocolate dessert recipe will satisfy every chocolate lover and you can not stop at one- chocolate indulgence!

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