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Research Australia Cook for a Cure

Research Australia, a non-profit alliance of more than 170 medical research groups, and a culinary icon Maggie Beer joined their efforts inviting all well-known chefs to take part in a new nationwide community event launching in August 2011.

“Cook for the Cure”- the name of the fundraising campaign with the goal to raise money for Australian medical research industry.

The idea is for Australian food fans to choose, cook and share a healthy meal with family and friends and by raising money to select and support one of a research projects to find new cures and treatments.
There are 15 projects ranging from a search for an ovarian cancer test, ways to identify lifestyle factors linked to food allergy and asthma in children, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and stroke medications, through the project that will support research to develop a revolutionary technique to enable women to re-grow their own breast tissue after mastectomy. Donations made in exchange for a healthy snack or meal will go towards the chosen project.

Channel Ten’s popular cooking show “Ready, Steady, Cook” filmed a special episode to the “Cook for the Cure” campaign. “Cook for the Cure” ambassadors chef Janelle Bloom, radio personality Charli Robinson and Walter & Eliza Hall Institute’s Prof Doug Hilton took part in filming the show. We will be able to see the show in August.
All Australian are asked to join the project by supporting research through “Cook for  the Cure” by: hosting a breakfast, lunch or dinner for friends or family; throwing a BBQ; inviting friends to a picnic; or holding morning or afternoon tea with work colleagues.

“Cook for the Cure” begins in August.


Date: 27/07/2011

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