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Dukkah Recipe with dukkah and olive oil and some rye bread on a white plate
Dukkah Recipe

Dukkah is an Egyptian specialty, mixture of various roasted nuts, seeds and spices.

First I have tried this lovely mixture while wine testing at one of the Hunter Valley vineries.

They brought us a testing plate of different local bread cuts, infused olive oil, balsamic vinegar along with a small plate with mixed nuts and spices. It looked nice and smelled even better.

Dipping crusted bread into the olive oil and then into the dukkah it was an explosion of arromas.

So, after some research I stopped on one basic dukkah recipe I decided to share with you.

There are numerous dukkah recipes. The basic dukkah ingredients are nuts, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin, pepper and salt. Almonds and hazelnuts usually used as basic nuts, however, there are also recipes where they add pine nuts, pistachios, macadamia, cashew nuts. You can find dukkah recipes containing dried chilly, anise seeds, fennel seeds, dried mint etc.

Basic Dukkah Recipe

Dukkah Ingredients

1 cup nuts, roasted (almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and pecan)
1/3 cup sesame seeds, toasted
2 tablespoons coriander seeds
2 tablespoons cumin seeds
1 teaspoon ground pepper
1 teaspoon good quality sea salt

First roast the nuts and sesame seeds in a dry skillet. Then roast the whole spices. Combine coriander and cumin seeds in a food processor and pulse. You can also use coffee grinder or a stone mortar for crushing these ingredients.

Add nuts, ground to coarse consistency.

Add salt, pepper and sesame seeds and mix briefly (don't over process the mixture or it can turn into paste). This makes enough for a meal, you can increase the amount of ingredients and make extra to store. Best stored dukkah in airtight glass container in the fridge.

Use this dukkah recipe as a guide and experiment adding different nuts, spices until you have your own special blend for dukkah. You can use this dukkah recipe as mentioned above as a lovely party appetizer, dipping bread in olive oil and dukkah. Experiment coating meat or fish in dukkah before baking or frying, it is extremely delicious. I also love sprinkling dukkah over poached eggs, avocado and salad. Yummy!

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