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Finger Food Recipe of Bocconcini Tomatoes Skewers on a white plate
Finger Food

Looking for a delicious finger food recipe, a tasty canapé recipe or just an easy mouthwatering party food recipe, I have many lovely easy to prepare party food recipes and party ideas that will help you to organize the best adult themed party or a funky kids birthday party ever.

Cold and hot finger food is perfect for cocktail parties and events, baby shower party, christening celebration, children birthday party.

Party food is one of the first things that I start thinking about while organising a party. No matter what kind of party I am planning to organise, a kids theme party, a birthday party for grown-ups, a christening party, a baby shower party or just a simple dinner party for my husband mates, without a good party food it is almost impossible to have really good, successful party.

While thinking about the party food I always include in my party menu some gourmet finger food, party appetisers, suited both vegetarian as well as meat lovers. Finger food for adult’s parties will be more elaborate, including ingredients and food recipes from different countries, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, or perhaps Russian. For your little guests you should think about simple kids party food ideas, like mini pizzas, or small meatballs, sausage rolls and yummy small sandwiches.

With the help from you will be able to throw the party ever that your party guests will never forget!

Tomato Bocconcini Basil Tart on a wooden board with cherry tomatoes This easy party appetizer recipe will take only several minutes to prep, bake, and you will have a great, healthy party appetizer. This party food recipe could be used for your next birthday party for grown-ups, kid’s theme party, christening party or perhaps for a baby shower tea party, or just as a simple starter at your next family dinner. Everyone will love this easy recipe.

Dukkah Recipe with dukkah and olive oil and some rye bread on a white plate This is basic Dukkah Recipe that is simple to make but always gives excellent results. Lovely party appetizer recipe, that can be used as a tasty wine accompaniment for your Friday relaxing evening.

Feta Stuffed Mushrooms Try another Mushroom Recipe which is tasty, healthy and easy to cook. This simple Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe could easily be used as a simple appetizer recipe or an easy family dinner recipe. This simple recipe is tasty, nutritious, healthy and does not involve a lot of cooking techniques and skills.

Seared Scallops with White Wine and Bacon on a white plate Seafood appetizers are great party food starters. Among my favourite seafood appetizers recipes is the seafood recipe of Seared Scallops with White Wine and Bacon. This great party appetizer recipe is not only very tasty, easy to prepare but looks impressive on the party table. So you can you this easy party recipe for your next birthday party celebration, or bring for the baby shower gathering of girlfriends, or use as your next Christmas party appetizer.

Smoked Salmon Mousse My Finger Food Recipe of a Smoked Salmon Mousse for sure will be loved at your Christmas Dinner Party. Creamy smoked salmon mousse piped on to crisp baguette, a fabulous, easy appetizer and it can be made ahead. Your guests will be impressed with these delicious and easy to make Smoked Salmon Mousse.

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs Easy party finger food recipe of Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs everyone will like. This simple Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs recipe can also make a lovely family dinner appetiser. This is my spin to the old-fashioned deviled stuffed eggs.

Sticky Chicken Wings Sticky chicken wings recipe - easy to make and always gives the best results. This simple dinner recipe of sticky chicken wings is the simple family dish adults and kids will love. You can use this easy family dinner recipe as a part of your Easter dinner menu or a Christmas party, Friday movie night dinner or even for the kids birthday party.

party appetiser of stuffed mushrooms on a brown plate Easy appetizers, healthy party finger recipes set the tone of the whole celebration. They can easily become a part of the party theme you choose for your next celebration. To help you with organising an adult themed party you can easily use my simple appetizer recipe of stuffed mushrooms. This simple and yummy mushroom recipe for sure will help you to set the mood of your theme party.

Bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves skewer on a white plate This Party Food Appetizer is yummy and easy to prepare. Looking for an easy party food recipe - there is nothing better than the combination of Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil. And this party food recipe is basically the caprese salad that we put on a stick. They really are easy to throw together and hard not to like.

Party Finger food Mini Muffins with semi dried tomatos on a white plate This party finger food recipe is easy to cook and very tasty. This Mini Muffins recipe can be used as a basic recipe for any savoury muffins, with any combination of ingredients you can imagine. You can have them as a tasty afternoon tea treat, a yummy easy to make party finger food or put in your child’s lunchbox or a after school snack.

party food recipe of Lime and Chilli Prawns Skewers on a white plate with lime wedges with the dipping sauce and orange juice at the background Party Food Recipes should not be a rocket science. Recipes with prawns are among my favorite easy and healthy party food recipes. These yummy prawns’ skewers can be served as a main cause at your next BBQ party, or as a lovely easy appetizer.

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