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Desserts Recipes were always among my favorite ones as I love a sweet treat to finish of my meal.

If you have a sweet tooth, looking for a lovely quick and easy dessert recipe for your next theme party, baby shower celebration, or preparing for your kids birthday party, my easy to prepare recipes of sweet desserts will help you.

No matter what kind of party you are planning to organise, a kid’s theme party, a birthday party for grown-ups, a christening party, a baby shower tea party or just a simple dinner party for your mates, without a good dessert it is almost impossible to have really good, successful party.

Here you will find a collection of dessert recipes including Italian desserts, Christmas desserts recipes, Easter desserts recipes, chocolate desserts, crêpes recipes, soufflés, fruit tarts and pies, custards and creams, pudding desserts, fruit tarts and pies, mousses and beautiful fresh fruit desserts that will make a lovely way of treating the special people in your lives.

Slice of Butterscotch and Nut Tart on a burgundy plate with a scoop of chocolate icecream Dessert recipes are the best part of any party. This easy tart recipe will make happy everyone. It can be served as a lovely dessert at your next dinner party, you can bring it as a baby shower gift for your girlfriend’s baby shower party, or this butterscotch pie can become a prefect sweet christening gift for a baptism celebration.

How to Make Cake Pops Making Cake Pops is not difficult, using my simple Cake Pops Recipe and instruction, you will create a perfect dessert for your next party. Best Party Food Recipe!

Berry and Champagne Jelly Simple Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipe that can become super special Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved one. Minimum time in the kitchen, only few ingredients to be used and you should not be a chef to make this super easy dessert. Try it, you will use it on many other occasions. Use juice instead of champagne and this dessert recipe will become the kids friendly dessert recipe.

Chocolate and Cherries Brownies Simple Chocolate and Cherries Brownies Recipe - easy to cook and irresistibly good. This chocolate dessert recipe will satisfy every chocolate lover and you can not stop at one- chocolate indulgence!

Chocolate Brownies Simple Chocolate Brownies recipe - easy to cook and irresistibly good. This chocolate dessert recipe of my Chocolate and Cranberries Brownies will satisfy every chocolate lover and you can not stop at one.

Chocolate Dessert Recipe of chocolate mini-cups with respeberries on a white plate Chocolate dessert recipes, be it kids novelty birthday cake recipe or an easy chocolate mousse recipe, are always the party pleasures. Whether you need a simple chocolate birthday cake recipe or a special sweet Mother’s Day gift idea, or maybe looking for a perfect baby shower gift, this easy home-made chocolate dessert recipe will help you.

No-bake cake with strawberries on top on a white plate Dessert recipes are the best part of any party. A special cake, if it is an adult birthday cake, kid’s birthday cake, anniversary or wedding cake, a cake for your best friend’s baby shower party or a centrepiece for your christening or baptism celebrations, is a very important part of any party. This simple easy to cook inexpensive recipe of a no-bake cake will help you to entertain your party guests for sure. With some easy cake decorating tips and ideas you will vow your party guests.

Raspberry and Coconut Easy Tarts Dessert recipes are the best part of any party. If you are looking for easy simple dessert recipe, that has this yummy warm taste of home, and you are not a pastry pro, and just learning how to make simple tarts, or simple looking for a recipe with berries, here it is, my easy raspberry tart that not only kids but adults will enjoy. Who said that dessert recipes should always be unhealthy. This simple dessert recipe is not only easy to make but is full of berries goodness.

Sugar Cookies with Pink Frosting and Sprinkles This sugar cookies recipe is easy to make and kids love them. There are lots of cookies recipes in the internet and cook books, by testing many of them I selected the one I love the most. Most recipes for sugar cookies are extremely similar to this. Some sugar cookies recipes ask you to add almond extract or lemon zest in place of the vanilla extract, try and find which one suits your taste. One of the nice things about making sugar cookies is that they can be as simple or as detailed as you care to make

Triple Chocolate Cake Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe for all chocolate lovers. This simple chocolate dessert recipe is really divine and will satisfy any chocolate lover.

Valentine's Day Recipe of chocolate cake on white plate and red napkin and red rose and red patels Looking for Valentine's Day easy recipes? This Valentine’s Day simple chocolate dessert recipe will help you to share your love with your beloved one. This is a perfect Chocolate Cake Recipe that can be used not only for Valentine's Day, but also at your next kids birthday party or any other gathering of family and friends.

Chocolate Sandwiches  with marshmallows and sprinkles on a blue plate This easy chocolate dessert is very easy to make and kids LOVE it. Everyone who tried this homemade dessert recipe loved it as it involves minimum cooking time and is very inexpensive. Instead of spending the whole night in the kitchen cooking your kids birthday novelty cake, this delicious dessert can make a perfect table centerpiece at your next girl’s or boy’s birthday party. Chocolate, marshmallows, colorful sprinkles – the winning combination for the easy tasty homemade dessert recipe.

Dessert Recipe, Marshmallow and Chocolate Ice Cream with sprinkles in a cone Desserts are the heart of any good party. This marshmallow dessert recipe is perfect to be used at your next school cake stall, fete, it will make a perfect Easter treat, be a lovely addition for your kids birthday party food, or you can put it as a sweet treat for your child’s school lunchbox. This delicious homemade recipe is quick to make and contain no egg, gluten or nuts.

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