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Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids easy recipes at home is the perfect opportunity to teach them the basics of good nutrition whilst having fun. What is more getting your kids in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with your kids.

As a mum with two young children I wanted to have a fun-filled day with my kids and their friends. I have found that the more I involve the children in what I am doing in the kitchen, the higher the chances of my kids eating or drinking what we have created.

At this section of the web site I will focus on what your two- to five-year olds can do with you in the kitchen and offer ideas and encouragement to keep them interested in the process and the end result. It’s not all new information, simply what I have found works for us and my family.

I want to warn you, some of the activities are messy—that’s just part of life with children—but it’s also fun to watch them learn new things. This web site will provide you with a few extra ideas on the days when you feel energised and want to have some fun with the kids.

I hope this site will be a companion for parents, grandparents and especially first-time mums and dads, or busy working mums on this wonderful cooking adventure with kids!

Here at you and your kids will find a lot of easy kids recipes you will easily can cook together.

So grab your chef's hat and kids apron, get your spatula and mixing bowl and let's get cooking. Getting your kids cooking is easier than you think!

Cottage Cheese and Cranberries Cookies Easy healthy cookies recipe that can be used as a simple recipe for the school lunch box, after school snacks or as a simple cooking with kids recipe. This healthy recipe of Cottage Cheese and Cranberries Cookies will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

Cucumber boat for pirate theme party This party food recipe is so easy you can cook it with your kids. You may involve your little chefs in preparing their birthday party by preparing some simple but yummy party finger food like my Cucumber Boats.

Almond Milk and Raspberries Muffins Lactose, gluten and casein free recipe of Almond Milk and Raspberry Muffins for adults and kids to enjoy. Healthy recipes should not be boring and not tasty, these berry muffins are not only packed with goodness of almond milk but they are really delicious.

Sushi selection on a white plate Sushi is a healthy and easy to make dish. This sushi recipe along with my easy to make sushi rice recipe could become a lovely party food appetizer or a healthy addition for your kids’ party food. Cooking with kids this sushi rolls will be fun and very easy as this is a sushi recipe for beginners.

Zucchini Fritters on a white plate Cooking with kids recipes can be not only fun to make but they can be healthy as well. This simple healthy fritters recipe is very tasty and very easy to make. Try my Zucchini Fritters Recipe and you will not be disappointed.

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