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Recipes for Breakfast should be easy healthy and very quick to make and for sure the importance of a breakfast should not be underestimated.

Healthy food is the body's fuel, just like a good quality gas for a car. We need a good healthy breakfast to jump- start our day. Breakfast is essential because it provides about one quarter to one third of the nutrients that children and adults need in a day. It’s also been proven that children who eat a good breakfast do better in school than children who do not.

Both kids and adults can become malnourished due to regular breakfast skipping, and experience serious health problems such as frequent colds and nasty infections. Studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to become overweight. Not eating breakfast results in lowered metabolism and low blood sugar levels, can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, mood swings or tremors. It is much easier to prepare good hearty breakfast and to avoid all the nasty problems mentioned above!

That is why while collecting my easy family recipes I created the whole chapter dedicated to nutritious breakfast recipes, including easy breakfast recipes with eggs, vegetarian breakfast recipes, pancake breakfast recipes, yummy porridge recipes, and many more easy and healthy breakfast recipes ideas.

Crepes Recipe with golden crepes on a white plate Using this Basic Crepes Recipe you will learn how to make crepes, and you will end-up with the most delicious, tender crepes that are suitable for sweet or savory fillings. This simple crepes recipe is very easy to make and will help you to cook the most delicious crepes you ever tried.

Fruity breakfast mix with vanilla yoghurt, raspberries, peaches and muesli in a glass Healthy breakfast recipes are among my favourite. Healthy breakfast is the body’s fuel, it should be easy to prepare, good quality and filling. My fruity yoghurt recipe will be enjoyed not only by kids but also by adults....

Pancakes with Apples Looking for a simple pancake recipe - here is one. What can be better for breakfast than the fluffiest pancakes. In this pancakes recipe I used yogurt and apples - yummiest breakfast everyone will like to have.

Stuffed Berry French Toast Simple family breakfast recipe of Stuffed Berry French Toast. This is my variation on the please-everybody morning favourite. Perfect breakfast recipe for a lazy Sunday morning!

Pancakes with sliced strawberries and maple syrup on white plate Simple pancakes recipe what can be better for breakfast! This recipe is super easy and always gives you the best results - fluffy pancakes everyone will like to eat.

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